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Hi Bev,
Wanted to send you updated pictures of Bailey. He will be two next week and I am still glad everyday that I have him.
He is very playful, loves to go to dog daycare and he is addicted to greenies. He weighs 8 pounds now.
I was a bit worried because he is bigger than Rufous and Godiva, but his vet says that his weight is just right.
For his birthday we will be making dog biscuits in the shape of a "2" for him to share with his friends at daycare.

We see Syke occasionally and she is doing well also.

Carolyn and Bailey

*Skye and Bailey were adopted July 2009

Hi Beverly,

Lana and Lilo have recently turned 5, and we just moved to New Jersey! I just wanted to let you know that they're both doing great, and as we *still* don't have kids, they ARE our kids!
They are so sweet, cuddly, silly, and friendly with all people and animals! And they're both cheeky, playful and hilarious! I get compliments from vets, groomers, and anyone who meets them.
Sunday at the park, we let a little 2 year old walk Lana, and the grandma couldn't believe how good she was!
She asked where we got her and I told her, but it may be a little far ;)

Lana is very smart (and spoiled because we let her get away with her shenanigans) and knows how to get whatever she wants.
Sometimes it's staging a sit-in mid-walk, and demanding to be carried home-or carrying her downstairs cause she doesn't want to walk that far.
She makes up lots of games with and without toys (and gives you the stink-eye when you mess up).
In one game she throws the ball and wants you to fetch it for her, and her favorite game she always wants to play is like 'hot-hands' we call it 'hot-paws.' to see who's hand is faster. And her paws are so quick I can rarely tap one! That's probably why it's her favorite--because she knows I can't win!
She has an arsenal of sound effects, and knows how to use them, and learns tricks easily.
Outside, she's sometimes obsessed with scents, tracking animals and digging. She chases birds, and tries to find all the bunnies in our neighborhood. She could smell one yard for an hour :/
She seems a little more terrier-ish, while Lilo is more retriever-ish. She's more of a people person, than a dog lover.

Lilo is very athletic and also acts as Lana's protector. At the dog park he pushes away dogs that bug her.
And if we're petting her he will watch us from a distance, but as soon as he sees a grooming implement, or thinks she's in trouble he will intervene. It's pretty funny.
I can groom him, but when it's her turn he'll try to push my hand away from her.
If I yell at him to get out of mischief, he'll just stop and look at me. But, if I yell at Lana, he runs over to butter me up with kisses in hopes she won't get in trouble!
Sometimes I wont say a word, and if HE notices Lana doing something bad, he'll get between us and give me kisses. My husband and I have gone over countless scenarios and it's all we can think of.
He's incredibly sweet! If no other dogs are around, he loves to fetch. Otherwise, it's play, play, play. He's a one-puppy dog park welcome commitee.
Oh, also he LOVES TV. Usually, he'll only watch (and bark!) if it's animals or cartoons, but once he watched a HOUR LONG documentary on Egypt!! It was very freaky.
We tried to distract him to no avail, and we carefully looked for camels or animals--none! Maybe he was Egyptian in a past life--he does love cats...?

Anyway, sorry for the long email! I could go on for pages. I have to stop myself from telling too many of *my* kid stories when my friends talk about their real kids!
I've always loved animals, but with them I feel like they're human! They bring such joy! Luckily, we also have the patience for all of their hi-jinks ;)
I've told many people in Sacramento about you and poodles in general. The only BAD thing about them is having to be away from them!
I'm a flight attendant and we also go on a few vacations a year and I feel so guilty. Maybe that's why they're my life when I'm with them.
Here are a few pictures too. I hope all is going well for you, and ENJOY CALIFORNIA! Ha ha, can you tell I miss it?!

Thanks Again,
Katie, Chris, Lana, and Lilo

*Lana was adopted January 2006 and Lilo was adopted June 2006

Dear Beverly,

I have been wanting to write to you and tell you how much we love little "Mr. #3" whose name is now Rusty.
He is lively and affectionate. He attracts people wherever he goes, first with his wonderful color and then with his wonderful social skills...he loves everyone -- people and dogs his size or smaller...not too sure about big dogs.
He is well loved and gets so much attention from us...one of us is always with him. He still sleeps every night in the crate you sent him in...it is his happy, safe place.

Everything people on your web site said about your puppies is so true -- they are so well socialized and are beautiful little dog people. He weighs a little over 7 pounds right now and has weighed that for a few months.
I can't thank you enough from my husband and me for having such a wonderful puppy for us.

Warm thoughts and dog hugs,

Mary Lou

* Rusty was adopted August 2010

Our sweet puppy Rusty is doing do so well. He learns quickly and has already learned several commands.
My husband installed a doggie door for him and he seems to love being able to come and go as he wishes and has not had a potty accident in the last couple of weeks.
He loves laying in our garden and sneaking a strawberry or two from our strawberry patch.

We are really enjoying his bouncy puppy days and the kids can’t wait to play with him after school; with Rusty’s extra puppy energy he loves a good romp in the yard with the kids.

We took a visit to my parents house last week and my dad totally fell in love with Rusty; he even asked if we are in CA again if I would be willing to pick him up a puppy from you..... So maybe we will get to see you again :).

Thanks again and big smiles from us :)


*Rusty was adopted March 2012

Hi Bev,

Attached is a picture of Charley with his "Doggles" on. Somewhere I have a picture of Charlie surfing. Yes.. he has his own surf board. He and my Grandson fight over it.

Charley is a Therapy dog, he visits hospitals, nursing homes & works with kids. He has now been approved as a "court dog".
He will work with kids that have to testify in court about horrible things that were done to them.

People have told me that Charley is the happiest dog they have ever seen. I have many friends and strangers that have called you about a dog because of Charley.

You have the "BEST" dogs and I am so Grateful that I have Charley!

Best Regards,

*Charley was adopted June 2007

Hi Beverly here is a picture of "Sierra" Saturday after we got her home.
What a delight she is, and smart, she is already going to the door when she has to potty.
Not ready to leave her in the house alone for a long period of time but two days is awfully good, we haven't had one accident in the house.

I will be sharing your information with my friends and coworkers incase anyone is looking for a poodle. I am hoping to get another from you in the near future.
Thank you so much for a wonderful new member to our family and I will update you with more pictures as she grows.


*Sierra was adopted August 2011

Hi Beverly,

Here's one of yours - Tia Morgan. Tish and Tony Morgan purchased Tia from SMP in October 2008 and almost four years later -
Tia is perfect! Sweet! We love her! She is healthy! She is Smart!!! She is a wonderful companion for both my husband and I!

We keep Tia cut in a puppy cut with the floppy ears...

Tia is spoiled rotten!

Tia, to this day, picks up her food one piece at a time and takes it away from the food pan to eat.

Thanks Beverly. We are very, very pleased with Tia!


*Tia was adopted October 2008


Hi Bev,

We are just loving our Benny so much!

He is such a darling and well adjusted little guy. He loves meeting new people and brings much joy to our family and friends (and especially to us)!
It didn't take long for him to adjust to his new home and sleep through the night in his crate, which he loves.
Thank you for sending a stuffed bear with the scent of his mother and litter mates home with him- I loved that.

My kids are crazy about Benny (and sometimes fight over him- perhaps I should have gotten three!) He is not only adorable but so smart and training is going well.
Over and over we get comments like "he doesn't look real" or "he looks like a stuffed animal".
Our lives are so enhanced by having this little guy as part of our family.

Thank you for breeding such excellent dogs. I'm grateful to have found such a wonderful, careful, knowledgeable, and supportive breeder.
Thank you for being there with your generous and valuable advice and wisdom.


*Benny was adopted December 2011

Hi Bev,

We're way overdue getting you a note about our wonderful little girl.
Taz (Picante) has taken over our home in the best possible way. She's adapted very well from her foothill roots to her suburban home

. Four years old when she came to us, she has adjusted to her new neighborhood very well.

Now 5-1/2 she's making friends with her 4-footed neighbors, enjoying walks espacially at the neighborhood parks, visits with her cousins Lexie and Hannah, and keeping the back yard free from squirrels.

We bought her an "Unstuffed Squirrel" squeaky toy, and it's her favorite.
She's such a little lady, enjoying playing and romping with all of our friends. Quite the athlete as well - we tell everyone that the name Taz was earned.

Thank you so much for bringing us together.

Cheers, Doug and Kathy
And Miss Taz of course.

* Taz was adopted as an adult March 2011

Hello Beverly,

I just want to let you know that Bouchon is the best dog ever.
He is so sweet.He is sleeping in his crate all night without a sound. He doesn't chew anything except his toys. He is playing and sleeping, very calm when we have people over.
He doesn't bother us when we have dinner.
He didn't do any potty in the house since we are bringing him outside every 2-3 hours. We left him alone once and the house was super clean when we came back.
I'll definitely recommend you to all the people who wants an amazing dog. We love him so much already.
Thank you.

*Bouchon was adopted September 2013

Hi Beverly,

Just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Miko, since he's been home with us for an entire week.

As you know he made the long trip from you to Florida without any issues. We were expecting for him to have been
a total mess, but much to our surprise he was clean, happy and seemed unaffected by the long travel.

He still isn't happy about sleeping in his crate, but he handles the night very well after about 15 minutes of crying.
He was given a clean bill of health by our vet. She said he was perfection at its best!
He is doing very well with the housebreaking routine, we take him out every couple of hours and he's only had two mishaps in a week, not bad!
He's learned how to fetch a little toy ball my kids bought for him and the fetch game goes on for hours in our living room.
My kids are IN LOVE beyond a shadow of a doubt. He has been the best decision we've made as a family

Thank you for such a sweet puppy!


*Miko was adopted September 2013


























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